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Install Anti Adblock Script on Blogger

In this article, I am going to share with you the best anti adblock script for WordPress and blogger sites. You should have to follow the steps below for a smooth installation.

Most of the  internet users use some sort of Adblock extension in their browser to block ads on YouTube and other websites. This will affect the income of site owners who depend solely on Adsense earning.

what is an adblocker?

Adblocker or ad filtering is a software capability for blocking or altering online advertising in a web browser or an application. This may be done using browser extensions or other methods.

anti adblock script for blogger
best anti adblock script for blogger

Why do people use adblocker?

People use Adblocker for many reasons, such as protecting their privacy, protecting them from false advertisements, saving bandwidth and improving user experience.

How does Adblocker affect your AdSense income?

If a user is using Adblocker on their browser, then no ads will be shown, so the user will not create any impressions or clicks on your website. If adblocker is enabled, all of your ads will be blocked, including all custom banner ads from Amazon or other affiliate programs.

Therefore, in response to AdBlock extensions, many popular websites (such as news sites) are now using ad blocker killer (Anti Adblock) scripts.

If this anti Adblock script is enabled on your website, it will not be able to access users to read the included content until adblocker is disabled. As shown in the screenshot below, it will show the user a warning pop-up window to turn off the ad blocker. 

It also provides instructions on how to disable adblocker for that particular website. After disabling adblocker, the user must reload the page to view the entire content. In this way, you can protect your website from adblocker.

Now, I think you came to know how ad blockers can affect your overall advertising revenue.


How to install anti Adblock script in blogger?

To install the best anti Adblock script for Blogger to disable Adblock on your website and increase your website advertising revenue. Just follow these simple steps
Step 1: Log in to your blogger dashboard.
Step 2: Then click on the " Layout Option ".
Step 4
: Create a new HTML Widget Anywhere. Anti Adblock script paste there and click save.

<style type='text/css'>

/* Animation */

@keyframes fadeInDown{0%{opacity:0;transform:translateY(-20px)}100%{opacity:1;transform:translateY(0)}}

@keyframes rubberBand{from{transform:scale3d(1,1,1)}30%{transform:scale3d(1.25,0.75,1)}40%{transform:scale3d(0.75,1.25,1)}50%{transform:scale3d(1.15,0.85,1)}65%{transform:scale3d(.95,1.05,1)}75%{transform:scale3d(1.05,.95,1)}to{transform:scale3d(1,1,1)}}

/* Say Hi to Adblock */

#arlinablock{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.65);position:fixed;margin:auto;left:0;right:0;top:0;bottom:0;overflow:auto;z-index:999999;animation:fadeInDown 1s}

#arlinablock .header{margin:0 0 15px 0}

#arlinablock .inner{background:#e3482d;color:#fff;box-shadow:0 5px 20px rgba(0,0,0,0.1);text-align:center;width:600px;padding:40px;border-radius:5px;margin:7% auto 2% auto;animation:rubberBand 1s}

#arlinablock button{padding:10px 20px;border:0;background:rgba(0,0,0,0.15);color:#fff;margin:20px 5px;cursor:pointer;transition:all .3s}

#arlinablock button:hover{background:rgba(0,0,0,0.35);color:#fff;outline:none}

#arlinablock button.active,#arlinablock button:hover.active{background:#fff;color:#222;outline:none}

#arlinablock .fixblock{background:#fff;text-align:left;color:#000;padding:20px;height:250px;overflow:auto;line-height:30px}

#arlinablock .fixblock div{display:none}

#arlinablock .fixblock div.active{display:block}

#arlinablock ol{margin-left:20px}

@media(max-width:768px){#arlinablock .inner{width:calc(100% - 20px);margin:10px auto;padding:15px}}


<script type='text/javascript'>


// Say Hi to Adblock

function downloadJSAtOnload(){var e=document.createElement("script");e.src="https://cdn.rawgit.com/Arlina-Design/quasar/23207858/arlinablock.js",document.body.appendChild(e)}window.addEventListener?window.addEventListener("load",downloadJSAtOnload,!1):window.attachEvent?window.attachEvent("onload",downloadJSAtOnload):window.onload=downloadJSAtOnload;



You have now successfully completed the steps to install anti Adblock scripts on your blogger  website.


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