Beat the Cellulite Problem


Proud Tips | Beat the Cellulite Problem | There is no miracle cure for cellulite Problems, but there are some effective and practical things you can do to see great results.

Cellulite Problem

It’s not just plumper, older women who suffer from “orange-peel skin” on their thighs, hips, bottom and even tummy – many slim, young women suffer, too. Despite what you may have heard, there is no miracle cure for cellulite problems, but there are some effective and practical things you can do to see great results.

Facts on Cellulite

Experts differ about what exactly causes cellulite. It seems likely that it’s an accumulation of fat, fluid, and toxins trapped into the hardened network of elastin and collagen fibers in the deeper levels of the skin.  This causes the dimpled effect and 1 feel of cellulite areas. These areas also tend to feel cold to the touch because the flow of blood is constricted and the lymph system, which is responsible for eliminating toxins, can’t work properly. This can worsen the problem and make the cellulite feel puffy and spongy.

Have I got Cellulite?

Try squeezing the skin or your upper thigh between your thumb and index finger. If the flesh feels lumpy and looks bumpy, you have cellulite problems. Further clues may be that these areas look whiter, and feel colder than elsewhere on your legs.

Common causes

Cellulite problem can be caused and/or aggravated by the following:

  • Hereditary factors — if your mother has cellulite, it’s a fair bet you will have, too.
  • Hormones, such as the contraceptive pill, may be contributory.
  • A poor diet is full of toxins and puts the body under great strain to get rid of vast quantities of waste. Also, an unhealthy low-fiber, high-fat diet means that the body’s digestive system can’t work effectively to expel toxins from the body.
  • Stress and lack of exercise make your body sluggish and can slow down blood circulation and the lymphatic system.

Taking the Sensible Approach There are dozens of products around designed to deal with cellulite, but to really tackle the problem you should follow a three-pronged approach, combining:

  1. Circulation-boosting tactics
  2. Diet
  3. Exercise

Boost your Circulation

Here are several ways to boost your circulation and your lymphatic system. Whichever one you choose, aim to follow it for at least five minutes a day.

  • Use a massage glove or rough sisal mitt to stimulate your skin.

Make your own cellulite cream

Some women swear by aromatherapy to treat their cellulite. There are many ready-blended oils on the market, but you can make your own. Just add two drops each of rosemary and fennel essential oils to three teaspoons of carrier oil, such as almond oil. Massage this mixture daily thoroughly into the affected areas.

  • Use a soft body brush on damp or dry skin, brushing in long, sweeping movements over the afflicted area, and working in the direction of the heart.
  • Use a cellulite cream. These usually contain natural ingredients such as horse chestnut and ivy to pep up your circulation. However, you can make them doubly effective by massaging them in with your fingers. Some cellulite creams come with their own plastic or rubber hand­ held mitts to help boost the circulation.
  • Some women find that aromatherapy helps to reduce their cellulite. There are many ready-blended oils on the market.

Pep up your circulation and lymphatic system daily to help beat that cellulite.

Step up your Exercise


Exercise will boost your sluggish circulation and lymphatic system. It will also encourage your body to get rid of the toxins causing your cellulite. Do a regular aerobic workout, exercising for 20-40 minutes, between three and five times a week, and choose from these: brisk walking, jogging, swimming, cycling, tennis, badminton, aerobics classes or running. (It is always wise to consult your doctor before embarking on a new form of exercise.)

Hip toner

Stand sideways with your hand resting on a chair. Your knees should be slightly bent and your shoulders relaxed. Slowly raise your right leg, keeping your body and raised foot facing forward. Carefully and slowly lower your leg, and then repeat this movement at least 10 times. Then turn round and repeat the exercise with the other leg.

Tone it up!

You can also try these exercises to firm up your legs and give them a better shape. Carried out daily, they will help you win the cellulite battle.

Bottom toner

Lie on your front with your hands on top of one another, resting your chin on them if you wish. Raise one leg about 13 cm (5 in) off the floor, and hold for a count of 10. Bring your leg back to the floor, and repeat 15-20 times with each leg.

Inner thigh toner

Lie on your side on the floor. With your top leg resting on the floor in front, raise the lower leg off the floor as far as you can without straining, and then gently lower it again. Repeat 10 times, then turn over and work the other leg.

Outer thigh toner

Lie on your side, supporting your head with your hand. Bend your lower leg behind you and tilt your hips slightly forward. Place your other hand on the floor in front of you for balance. Slowly lift your upper leg, then bring it down to touch the lower one, and repeat this action at least six times. Repeat on the other side.

Follow a Detox Diet

To detoxify your body you need to follow a healthy low-fat, high-fiber diet — one that contains plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. The great news is if you have any excess weight to lose it will naturally fall away by following these rules.

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  • Eat at least five servings of fresh fruit and vegetables every day.
  • Cut down on the amount of fat you eat. For instance, grill rather than fry foods, and cut off visible fat from meat.
  • Water cleanses your system and flushes toxins from body cells, so drink at least two liters (quarts) of pure water every day.
  • Change from caffeine-den tea and coffee to herbal teas and decaffeinated coffee. Sip pure fruit juices rather than fizzy drinks.