Top 10 Ways To Beat Wrinkles


Proud Tips | 10 Ways to Beat Wrinkles | No matter what your age. Beat wrinkles with our guide at home. Here are the 10 main points to bear in mind.

Fine lines and wrinkles aren’t inevitable. In fact, skin experts believe that most skin damage can be prevented with a little know-how and some special care. Here are the 10 main points to bear in mind, no matter what your age.

10 Ways To Beat Wrinkles

Beat Wrinkles

  1. Protect your skin from the sun: The single biggest cause of skin ageing is sunlight. You should use a sunscreen every single day of the year. This will help prevent your skin from becoming prematurely aged, as well as guard against burning and of course the risk of skin cancer. The ageing rays of the sun are as prevalent in the cold winter months as in the hot summer ones, so it’s a daily safe­ guard you should take.
  2. Stop smoking: Cigarette smoke speeds up the ageing process because it strips your skin of oxy­ gen and slows down the rate at which new cells are regenerated. It’s responsible for giving the skin a grey, sluggish look, and it can also cause fine lines around the mouth because heavy smokers tend to be constantly pursuing their lips to draw on a cigarette.
  3. Deep cleanse: It’s essential to ensure that your skin is clear of dead skin cells, dirt and make-up to give it a youthful, fresh glow. You don’t have to use harsh products to do this —  a creamy cleanser removed with cotton wool (cotton balls) is a good option for most women. If your skin is very  dry, try massaging it with an oily cleanser. Leave it on your skin for a few minutes, then rinse away the excess with warm water.
  4. Deep moisturize: You can either use a nourishing face mask or apply a thick layer of your usual moisturizer or night cream to boost the water levels of your skin on a weekly basis. Whichever you choose, leave it on the skin for 5-10  minutes, then remove the excess with tissues. Apply to damp skin for greater effect.
  5. Boost the circulation: Buy a gentle facial scrub or exfoliator, and use once a week to keep the surface of your skin soft and smooth. This will also increase the blood flow to the top layers of the skin, giving it a rosy glow and helping to encourage cell renewal. Alternatively, you can get the same effect by lathering up a facial wash on your skin using a clean shaving brush.
  6. Disguise lines: Existing lines can be minimized to the naked eye by opting for the latest light­ reflecting foundations,  concealers and powders. These contain luminescent par­ticles that bounce light away from your skin, making lines less noticeable and giving your skin a wonderful fresh-faced luminosity.
  7. Pamper regularly: As well as a regular skincare regime, remember to treat your skin occasionally to special treatments such as facials, serums and anti-ageing creams. As well as improving the look of your skin, they’ll encourage you to give it extra care on a regular basis.
  8. Be weather vain: Extremes of cold and hot weather can strip your skin of essential moisture, leav­ing  it dry and more prone to damage. Central heating can have the same effect. For this reason, ensure that you moistur­ize regularly, changing your products according to the seasons. For instance, you may need a more oily product in the winter that will keep the cold out and won’t freeze on the skin’s surface. In hot weather, lighter for­mulations are more comfortable on the skin, and you can boost their activity by using a few drops of special treatment serum underneath.
  9. Be gentle: Be careful you don’t drag at your skin when applying skincare products or make-up. The skin around your eyes is particularly vulnerable.  So,  make sure you always use a light touch,  and whenever you can, use upward and out­ ward strokes, rather than dragging the Above left: Wake up to the benefits of special skincare treatments. Above: Relax and enjoy a beneficial facial – you’ll reap the rewards. skin down.  When applying under-eye skin products, tap the cream on gently with the tip of your ring finger. Also, be careful to avoid any products that make your skin itch, sting or feel sensitive. If any product causes this sort of reaction, stop using it at once, and switch to a gen­tler formulation.
  10. Clever make-up: Skincare benefits aren’t just confined to skincare products these days, so investigate some of the latest make-up on offer. In fact, many make-up products now contain ultraviolet (UV) filters and skin­ nourishing ingredients to treat your skin as well as superficially improve its appearance.  To investigate the latest products – it’s well worth making use of them for 24-hour-a-day benefits.

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