Before you were born | Human Body work

Before you were born | Human Body work

“Before you were born” “born baby” “Mum and Dad meet their new baby” you were warm and safe inside your mother’s body. How did you get there? Inside your mother was a special kind of cell called an egg. It was smaller than a grain of sand, smaller than the tiniest dot you can make with your pencil. Inside your father was another special cell called a sperm.

Before you were born

It was even smaller than the egg, and it looked a bit like a tadpole. To make you, the sperm cell and the egg cell came together inside your mother’s body. They joined and became one cell. When that happened, a new life began your life. Soon that cell began Io divide. It divided Into Io two cells. The two cells divided into four. The four cells divided into eight. The tiny cells stayed together and continued to divide. At first, all the cells seemed to be alike. Then, each cell began to do its own job. Some cells became skin cells. Others became bone cells or nerve cells or brain cells. This is you grew before you were born.

A sperm cell and an egg cell come together to make a new life.

The dividing goes and on, the cells will form a tiny baby.

Waiting to be born

Waiting-to-be-bornYou had a lot of growing to do before you were ready to be born. The egg and the sperm that had joined together needed a safe, warm place in which to grow. That place was inside your mother’s body. As you grew, parts of your mother’s body became larger to make room for you. You were safe and warm there, and you were fed through a cord called an umbilical cord.

The umbilical cord joined you to your mother. Blood flowed through the cord. The blood carried nutrients from your mother’s body to your body. The place where this cord was attached to your body Is now your navel or bellybutton

As you grew, you began to move around. You moved your arms.  You kicked your legs. Your mother could feel you moving and growing larger. For about nine months, you grew and changed shape. Then you were ready to come into the world.

An umbilical cord carried nutrients from your mother’s body to your body.

A baby grows inside its mother’s body.

Being New Baby Born

Being--New-Baby--BornWhen you were ready to be born your mother felt some aches around her belly. She knew what the aches meant. You were ready to be born! Her muscles were working to push you out.

The muscles kept working until; finally, your mother felt a pushing. The pushing got quicker and stronger. At last, you probably were pushed out of her body— head-first—through her vagina.

After you were born, your mother held you close The cord that joined you to your mother was cut, because you did not need it anymore.

The doctors and nurses clean and dress the new baby. Then they return the baby to the mother.

After a short visit with your mother, lots of new things may have happened to you. Nurses check newborn babies to make sure they are healthy. They weigh measure, bathe, and dress new babies too. Most babies weigh about 3.4 kilograms when they are born. In a hospital, nurses I * put name tags on the wrists or ankles of newborn babies and sometimes put their fingerprints and toot prints on paper. When you were all checked over, you were handed back to your family.

Mum and Dad meet their new baby


A baby is called a newborn for about a month after birth. A newborn baby spends most of the time sleeping. The head makes up about a quarter of a newborn’s body. Look at baby pictures of people in your family. Can you tell how big a baby’s head is compared to the rest of the body?

Most things newborn “babies” do just happen. They do not need to think about going to them. They can suck, swallow, move their arms and legs, and cry. But they cannot sit up, crawl, or walk yet. Newborn babies can’t even hold their heads up. Their neck muscles are not strong enough. Newborn babies can tell when it is dark or light, and they can see things in front of them. They can also hear, and they quickly learn to recognize their “parents” voices. During the first year of life, babies change in many ways.

They learn to hold up their heads. They learn to roll over, sit. Crawl, and stand. Their bodies become much bigger and stronger. If you have baby pictures of yourself, take a look at them. How have you changed?

 A newborn baby’s head makes up about a quarter of its body. 

Crying is the beginning of language for a person. It is the only way “newborn babies” can tell people how they feel. They cry to let people know they are hungry, tired, Or need a nappy change.

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